Our Staff


Sonia_smSonia is our office manager, financial coordinator, and, really jack of all trades . She has been with the practice for over 30 years and is well-known and loved by our patients. She has that sweet southern charm and a warm friendly demeanor which helps put people at ease and makes them realize that their comfort and convenience is our number one priority. Sonia enjoys spending time with her family, her two kids and three grandchildren. She is a native of middle Tennessee. If you have any insurance questions, Sonia will be delighted to help you navigate through your policy and determine what benefits you are entitled to.


sue_drpopHaving been with the practice for over 35 years, there are very few patients that Sue doesn’t know on a close level. She is a hygienist; an expert in her field, Sue is very thorough in providing each and every patient with the best hygiene has to offer, and does a marvelous job educating them on proper home care and disease prevention. Sue, a Midwesterner from Indiana, comes from a large family (we have the privilege of seeing many of her wonderful family members as patients) and she and her husband have 4 girls of their own. She is a tremendously engaging person and does an incredible job relating to just about every different type of patient that we have in this office, and is terrific with kids. Recently, one of our patients referred to her as a “superstar” and we couldn’t agree more.


suzannah_drpopSuzanna is a hygienist, and has been with our practice for 10 years. Her sweet, pleasant demeanor and dedication to each patient’s oral health makes her a patient favorite. When it comes to dental cleanings, she is very thorough and does a great job of educating our patients about dental hygiene and how to maintain great oral health at home. Suzanna is from middle Tennessee, and enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children and cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide football program.


malia_drpopMalia is our dental assistant with over 18 years of experience and expertise in her field. She has a great work ethic and does a terrific job assisting with patient treatment, and her energetic and engaging personality helps patients be more comfortable and reduces their anxieties about dental treatment. Malia is from Hawaii and has two wonderful children and is an avid sports fan and outdoor activity.


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